WordPress Website

WordPress websites are highly customizable, powerful websites built using one of the most popular platforms on the web. They can do virtually anything you envision them to, and are the software powering some of the most high-profile, high-traffic sites online. 

We are WordPress website experts and can build you a powerful, beautiful website to meet the needs of most any industry. We do charge a yearly fee to manage the backend of your WordPress site (unless you have someone in-house to do that) which doesn’t cover any content edits, it simply covers the maintenance for running the software.

The reason for this is that WordPress is an “open-source” platform which means that anyone or any company can create software that integrates with a website. Software comes in the form of “themes” and “plugins” both of which are required to power a WordPress website. Themes and plugins are not built by WordPress itself, but by outside companies and people. The design of your site, use of fonts and icons, contact forms, slideshows, Google maps, social media integration, and security protection are just some of the many pieces of software that are dependent on plugins to work. These plugins require regular on-going maintenance and updates, security scans, and more to keep the website operating smoothly. 

These on-going fees are necessary with WordPress websites to keep your site running smoothly. Because plugins and other parts of your site need regular maintenance and upkeep, and backups and security scans to be performed, a monthly or yearly fee is a regular part of the package, and something that must be considered.

There are too many features and components to list out but we encourage you to request a quote so we can put together a personalized package for you, and build you a beautiful new WordPress website.